Sony Fs7
Director | Editor | VFX
February 28, 2017

Flakka is an experimental short film that helped raise awareness about the horrific zombie drug.

Flakka is a synthetic drug closely related to bath salts.


Flakka has expanded its way up the east coast making its way into Savannah, GA. A wealthy businessman takes a hit, unwinds, and acts inhuman - all sings of the deadly drug.


I directed Flakka when I was only a sophomore in college. I wanted to create an opportunity for myself to exercise directing actors and also editing for post-production. I pitched my idea to people and was able to crew up to 30+ people all dedicated to working on the project. 

I met with local restaurants to provide complimentary catering for the crew during production.

Once shooting was wrapped, it was time for post. Aside from editing, VFX, and coloring the project myself, I wanted to bring in a talented sound designer. I knew the sound was going to be a vital part of the emotional impact of the film. I had most of the production audio replaced with Foley and ADR. 

Once the film was completed, I shared it in film festivals hoping to raise more awareness about the deadly drug.

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