Promise Me That This Will...

Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh
Black Magic Pocket 4K
Director | Editor | Colorist

As the director of the third and final music video of the album "Oh The Horror" it was my obligation to evaluate the past videos and appropriately conclude the trilogy. To further prepare, I read fan comments from the prior two music videos. I analyzed viewer comments and gathered information about the public's likes and dislikes.

I colored this project in Davinci Resolve. I decided to change the nature values from green to a desaturated fall tone, causing the narrative footage to reflect the dull past. As for the performance shots, I changed the 16:9 aspect ratio to ultra-wide evoking thrill and excitement as the performance shots cut between the storyline. Aside from the aspect change, I wanted the viewer to additionally be blind by color so I increased the saturation. 

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