Southern Motors Acura

Southern Motors Acura
Sony fs7
Co- Director | VFX Editor
January 30, 2017

As both the co-director and VFX artist, I was focused on making sure the production shots would allow for proper visual effects in post.

However before production began, I worked alongside the other co-director on the conceptualization process. Right away we compared both the classic gasoline Honda NSX with the all-new 2017 hybrid electric Acura NSX. We explored many ideas about visually showing the vehicle going through a massive physical change. We finally concluded with a lightning storm approach.

As for the VFX, I composited CG lightning bolts to visually represent the vehicle new capability of being electric. Other elements like clouds and fog were additionally composited to advance the scene further.

Once the commercial was completed, I helped Southern Motors Acura in Savannah GA digitally market the video on google. They later had a customer sell both their cars to purchase the NSX after seeing the video online.

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