Coleman D. Mason

I am a 2019 graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree in Film and Television located in Hollywood, CA. My fascination in front of the camera started at a very young age. However, it wasn't until high school when I consider turning my passion for filmmaking into a creative career.

While in college, I started a creative agency, Ubiquity Creations, offering video, branding, and digital marketing. I have proven ability to lead, direct, and motivate a team to achieve global maxima. My strong focus on, and commitment to, customer service leads to recurring partnership.

An idea is just an idea until you make it happen. As an artist, I tend to be very optimistic and accepting of all possibilities. I love innovation and problem-solving. I continue to ask myself daily, how can I improve? How can I become better? As a director and leader I crave success, but what I've come to realize is success will always be a work in progress. My worst fear is feeling content. Milestones that I accomplish today, may not fully come into effect for weeks, months, and even years later. Just because you don’t get instant gratification, doesn’t mean it won’t come. It is all about mindset and planning and if performed correctly, the payoff will be extraordinary. This is my mission and these words define my character as an artist.